My beautiful T-shirt with artwork by a beautiful being named Sumica.

I do not usually make it a habit to write on the weekends but I had a wonderful occurrence today, which I wanted to share. This may not seem like such a big deal but for me it is.

For the past year or so John has been mentioning that I would meet a woman who would become a good friend and help me in some way (I am not positive how but I think it has something to do with my business/Spiritual work and/or organizing my finances).

The local Spiritualist church which I occasionally attend had their annual Spirit Fair today. I really had no intention of going because I am trying to be careful with my money. I happened to be out doing some errands, however, and thought I would merely take a peek and I chose not to bring cash in order to deter too much temptation.

There were some vendors and and a few psychic mediums who you could have twenty minute readings with. Although there were many beautiful items there, it was only the first booth that I encountered that I felt very drawn to. The artist made some beautiful T-shirts with her own artwork on them. The T-shirt which had the woman wearing a head scarf kept calling out me. I tracked down the artist and asked if she took credit cards. She told me she did not but we began a conversation.

Somehow the fact that I have two Etsy shops and that I am also an artist came up in the conversation. We exchanged information after which she told me to take the shirt and she will look through my shops and pick something and we will do an exchange. I could not believe my ears as I had never had anyone be so trusting and generous.


A close up view of the beautiful woman who kept drawing me back to that first booth.

She explained to me how she gets her artwork onto the shirt because I mentioned that I had been trying to get my artwork transferred on fabric but could not get it just right. She mentioned that we could do some work together after she looked in my shops and chose her item.

I really felt there is something special about this woman and felt drawn to her. Although I had seen her at a church a couple of times we had never spoken with one another. I was very excited and happy to have met her and am looking forward to working with her.

As I went to unlock the truck door, John said, “mom, that is the woman I told you about”. I am very excited to see what will happen next. – Michelle