Red Rock, Colorado, USA. Photography by Christian Schill.

Being aware of our situation is being aware of ourselves on all levels. We are aware of our needs on a physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual basis. We understand what it is we need to do for ourselves at that time. We can be very aware of ourselves in all aspects when we begin to understand how we work in the entirety of our being. Most people think of themselves solely on a physical basis. This is very far from being correct because our physical being is the least of who we are. We are more Spirit than physical and we must begin to learn to pay attention to the Spiritual aspect before the physical. We must also learn to pay attention to our emotional and mental status as well. When we learn to do these things we can begin to be more healthy on a holistic level.

Being aware of our situation is very important to our well being. We must be conscious of our situation in order to know what to do at any given moment. We need to understand the situation which we are in physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.

To do this we must learn to have a better understanding of the Spirit body. There are many articles on line that you can read about the Spirit body (auras). The Spirit body is much bigger than the physical body and it affects what happens to our physical body as well as our emotional body. We must learn how to care for our Spirit body as well as we do our physical body. The best place to start is through meditation. The more advanced you become in meditation the better you can understand this concept. The more you practice meditation, the more of an awareness you have of yourself as a Spirit. There will come a point where you can begin to sense the Spiritual you while being unaware of your physical body. It is at this point that you can then begin to become aware of of yourself and your needs on a more holistic level.

We must have this knowledge in order to make the most of the present moment. When we are in need of rest we must be aware of that in the present moment and rest. When we are in need of activity, we must be aware of that in the present moment and exercise. When we are in need of companionship, we must be aware of that in the moment and seek out company.

It is when we have this awareness of ourselves, we can then be happy and healthy in all aspects of our being. – John