Fishing In Colorado. Photography by Christian Schill.

Many people believe that Spirit communication is not important to every day life. There are those who believe it is even wrong. Neither of these thoughts are true. The fact that Source has endowed some people with a stronger ability to communicate with Spirit than others tells us this is important and perfectly fine.

We must begin to understand that we need to be connected with Spirit no matter who we are or what our circumstance is. We all have the ability to be connected in one way or another. Some think they are connected but they truly are not. Others do not believe they are connected but they are. Then there are those who know they are connected because they are psychic mediums.

The truth is that we all have the ability to connect but we do not realize that. We must begin to understand that this is a natural ability in all beings. The animals do it without thought. We need to understand that we can do this too. The problem is that humans think too rationally and have trouble seeing beyond the physical realm. We need to learn to let the right side of our brain take over at times also. When we do this we are opening ourselves up to the communication from the Spirit Realm.

The reasons for Spirit communication are many and vary from person to person. We may need guidance from our Spirit Guides, protection from our Guardian Angels, or we may be in desperate need to receive a message from a loved one. Whatever the reason, the important thing is to know that you can do this and there is nothing wrong with it. We must be willing to be more open minded about the other dimensions that exist. This third dimension is definitely not the only one. The fact is that it is the one that is the least real.

When we begin to be more open minded, vast possibilities begin to open up to us. We then realize that anything is possible. The Creator created all that there is for good reasons and does not prohibit us access. The only prohibition is on our own part.

To know that you are connected to Spirit may be a bit difficult. The fact is that it is very subtle because there is no mass or substance to Spirit. We can begin to realize our connection when our mind is clear and our body relaxed. This occurs when we are in the present moment. It is at such times that we have the ability to”hear” the voice of Spirit.

The best way to tell is when the feelings you have are good and loving. When Spirit is guiding you in making a decision you can tell by the amount of certainty you have with the decision you have made. The peace of mind and tranquility that you have are a sure give away that it is Spirit prompting you.

For some the signs are more easily discerned. Those with a stronger connection can feel the subtle changes. They can feel the voice of Spirit, “hear” the voice of Spirit with their Spiritual ears, or even hear Spirit audibly with their physical ears. There are those who can feel the touch of Spirit, too. They feel an electrical sensation in their hands or other parts of the body, they feel a tingling, a tickling or a light breeze as if they have been kissed.

The fact that Spirit wants to communicate with those who are still in the physical realm tells us that it is possible and that there is nothing wrong with doing this. The fact that we very badly want to continue our relationships with our family and friends in the physical realm tells you that you are capable and that Source encourages it. When we connect with Spirit we are also connecting with Source and strengthening our relationship with our Creator. – John