October Sky In The West Woods, Novelty, Ohio, USA. Spirit Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

We have any different types of dreams. The most common are our subconscious trying to sort out our problems from the past and the present. Some dreams are just dreams and seem to be only to entertain us while we sleep.

We need to have dreams in order to remain healthy physically, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually. When we dream we are not only being entertained but we are coping with our problems. Many times we are acting out in ways we wish we could in our real life.

Some dreams are our  subconscious trying to give us a message. There are things we must deal with or do that we are not consciously aware of yet our subconscious knows it. The dream state is when our subconscious tries to speak with us.

Another type of dream is when we can remember our astral travels during the night. Most people never remember this but there are some that do. We do not merely go unconscious at night. We are busy and there are some who have actual jobs that they do while sleeping. Some people escort those who are crossing over, some people go to help those in need and others get to help those in crisis.

As my mother spoke of earlier today, there are also dream visits from loved ones in Spirit, Spirit Guides, Angels etc. The reasons that we have these visits vary but they are very important. We must do the best we can to remember these dreams because they are usually important messages from Spirit. It is also a very good way to remain connected to your Higher Self. Through dreams our Higher Selves communicate with us on a nightly basis.

Many do not remember their dreams at all. Remembering dreams can be very difficult but it can be done if you trane yourself to do it. The best way to do this is by telling yourself that you will remember your dreams before falling asleep. Another way is through meditation, usually guided. If you are able, try to wake up right after a dream. This is difficult but some people have the ability to do this and it is the best way to clearly remember a dream. When you awaken in the morning, try to stay still with a clear mind for a bit. This is a good way to remember the dreams from the previous night. Vitamin B is also helpful in remembering your dreams. Getting into the habit of keeping a dream journal every morning will strengthen your ability to  remember your dreams. – John