John with a mustache. Ugh.

Dream visitations are special occurrences because they are rare and usually from someone who is very special to us who has crossed over. They are rare because it requires much energy for a Spirit to pop into our dreams.

You may have dreams about a loved one who has crossed over but it may not necessarily be a visitation, but merely an ordinary dream. A visitation is very clear and realistic (because it is, in fact, real). Any conversation is clear and colors, sounds and actions are very vivid.  A dream visitation is usually remembered for the rest of one’s physical life.

My very first dream visitation that I can recall as an adult was by my maternal grandmother approximately one month prior to my son, John, crossing over. Although my grandma did not say what was about to occur, she knew what was about to happen and came to give me her love, comfort and support.

As I usually remember her, my grandmother was sitting in a chair. When she saw me she stretched her arms out for a hug as she often did in her physical life. As always, I went into her arms. My grandmother not only looked as I remembered her, but she felt and smelled the same also. I remember her telling me how much she loves me. What I do not remember is whether we were speaking in English or Spanish as my grandmother was born in Chile and after I picked up the Spanish language, we would often used it to converse.

For several days afterward I pondered the reason for the visit after so many years. I knew there must be a reason and, although I was very worried about John, I was unsure as to why my grandmother visited me.

Needless to say, my first dream visit with my son, John, was extremely emotional. John visits me in dreams when I need cheering up and this first visit was a few months after he crossed over. Believe me, did I ever need cheering up. I remember seeing a group of people and John was standing front and center. As soon as I saw him I ran to him and hugged him. We held each other tightly and would not let go. I told him how much I miss him and I did not want to go back “there” because I did not want us to be apart again. I remember that I was crying a lot but the next day I was in a much better mood due to this visit.

This past month I was very ill with ME/CFS and it caused me to go into a very deep depression. This past Friday night I received a dream visit from John. He will often do silly things or tease me to make me laugh and lift my mood. Friday was no exception. I have never been a big fan of facial hair and the only man I have ever found it attractive on was my dad. He had a mustache and goatee, which he kept neatly trimmed and it looked very handsome on him. My sons, however, I could not bear the thought of facial hair on. My youngest son, Christian, recently mentioned growing a mustache. I begged him not to. He is so handsome, why cover it up?

My visit with John the other night began in the usual way, with me telling him how much I miss him. I then suddenly realized that my darling oldest child was looking at me with a mustache under his nose. I said, “John, is that a mustache? Why do you have a mustache? You’ve never had a mustache.” John replied that he wanted to make me laugh. I immediately awoke after the dream and said to John out loud “a mustache? Really? Get rid of it” and then fell back to sleep. The next day my mood began to improve and by Sunday, so did my physical health.

When receiving a dream visit from a loved one or beloved animal, it is most likely that they have a specific message for you or a specific purpose. – Michelle