It does not matter what your political viewpoints are or what political party you ascribe to, this important piece speaks to us ALL.


We The People… I’m going to keep on saying this until I die, “Underneath our colored skin, we are exactly the same. We even bleed the same fucking color. We will also all have the very same size graves in the end.” 

We The People are really scared. We the people are tired of all the rhetoric and chaos. We the people are hurting from the affliction we each carry as individuals. We the people are feeling so hopeless and helpless. We the people are trying to make sense of what is right in the world today, when everything else seems to be so fucking wrong.

We the people… are babies, toddlers, adolescents, adults and senior citizens. We the people are of color, gender and race. We the people are of different sexual preferences and with several disabilities that can be debilitating in many ways.

We the people… are mothers…

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