I do not usually write about these things because this blog is about using Spirituality to heal grief; however, today really caused me to contemplate this issue.

Upon returning home from the food pantry, my son and I watched a very interesting YouTube video. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the gentleman’s name who recorded this video but he had a brilliant idea to prove that racism is not being defeated by our “social equality programs” which our government implements.

This man made up a fake petition and went out on the street and approached people. After explaining that the petition was to pass a bill which taxed white people because of the inequality of those of color, he then asked if they would sign it. He asked people of various races and most signed the petition. There was one couple (who were not Caucasian) who read the petition and then proclaimed it ridiculous. The point being that the petition actually promotes racism.

Taxing one race over another is racism in and of itself, even if the group being taxed is considered “privileged”. Anytime you categorize beings you drive a wedge of separation and inequality between them and label them. If we are all equal then how can we justify doing this? To me, it makes more sense to tax based on economic status, which in my opinion does not indicate the quality of the person.

You may have noticed that I mentioned we watched this video upon returning from the local food pantry. When my children were little we spent many days with no electricity, heat nor food. We are Americans of Italian, German and Anglo descent. We fall under the “privileged” category based on the color of our skin. I have never experienced privilege (on the United States scale not world wide) in my adult life. I have lived under the poverty level most of my adult life; yet, I am white.

We need to stop assuming that someone is either rich or poor, competent or incompetent, trustworthy or crook based on the color of their skin. The color of one’s skin has no determination on these characteristics.

I had this thought this afternoon that it would be nice if the government would implement a program where somehow potential employers would read resumes and applications which had no questions about race/ethnicity nor names (which can indicate race). All the employer would see would be the persons abilities, talents and qualifications. Then, when interviewing, it would be nice if the employer could not see the person nor hear their true voice, both of which could be used to discriminate due to skin color and dialect/accent. This would ensure that people would be hired solely on the merit of their ability and not based on ethnicity.

We need to remember that we are all equal and we are all one. – Michelle