Lake Erie, Conneaut, Ohio, USA. Photography by Michelle Schill

There are many Ascended Masters. They have lived on Earth all throughout history. There are Ascended Masters today but you you really do not hear as much about them now because the era of the guru has ended. In this new Spiritual paradigm we are expected to be our own gurus. We are to look within to find our answers, to discover our power. We have Spiritual teachers but they want us to be able to discover ourselves, who we are and what our purpose is.

In the past most Ascended Masters ended up beginning religions that they realyl never intended to start.People looked upon them as gods and began to worship them, thus beginning new religions. Many of them were misunderstood and/or misquoted. Their intent was to get you on your own individual Spiritual path, discover your own power and to live in love. Hate and destruction was never any of their intents. We must understand that they were here to teach us to expand and grow, not to teach us to discriminate and hate.

The most popular Ascended Masters are Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, the Virgin Mary, Confucius, Krishna and many others. Many of us resonate more with one Ascended Master than the others, which is perfectly fine. We need not worry which Ascended Master we relate to the most because this is not important. The important thing is to be aware of the true meaning behind their teachings. We also need to be aware of the Ascended Masters. We must be able to have a good understanding of them and the reasons they incarnated.

These beings are very enlightened and highly expanded. They came to Earth at certain times in history for very specific purposes. They came to teach us about ourselves, the world, love and self-awareness. The confusion has always been that many of these Ascended Masters have been misunderstood or their teachings have been twisted to suit certain agendas.

We must remember that none of these Ascended Masters would ever teach anything but love towards ourselves and others. They teach unity, forgiveness, acceptance and being in touch with our Higher Self and Source. Anything that indicates hate, discrimination, judgment or destruction is not from the Ascended Masters or Source.

Whatever Ascended Master you resonate with is your own personal choice and should never be deemed by others as wrong or worth condemnation. We also must remember that we should not judge other on which Ascended Master they resonate with. – John