The West Woods, Novelty, Ohio, USA. Spirit photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

The first reason is pretty obvious:  I am a grieving mother. My grief would have been much worse had I not been able to connect with John. Let’s face it, when I lost Tina and Ricky, who were miscarriages, I was not connecting with Spirit at the time and went off the deep end. I cannot imagine what would have happened after losing a child I raised and was in my life for 26 years. This, again, is another example of how suppressing your true self causes major mental health issues.

The other reasons are more complex, I suppose. First, I want to be able to help others who are grieving. By giving the information in this blog, I am hoping that at least one person will be able to lessen their grief. I really do not care to do readings all that much, although I have done a few, but I think helping people to understand that connecting with their loved ones who have crossed over is normal and natural and it is what our loved ones in Spirit want, is my main goal.

I have also found that being able to connect with my Higher Self has been very helpful. I really had not been aware of her existence until not all that long ago. When I was a Christian no one could give me an understandable explanation as to the difference between your Spirit and your Soul. It was not until I began to study Spirituality that I understood the difference. Now that I can connect with my Higher Self, or my Soul, I can make wiser decisions for my welfare and I also write much better because I have recently begun to channel her when I write blog posts.

Another Spirit I was never aware of before was my Guardian Angel, Trina. Of course, growing up I had heard about Guardian Angels but it was a very vague concept for me. I never felt Trina’s presence or saw her, even as a small child when I saw Spirits all the time. Although I really do not communicate with Trina, she has made her presence known to me. It is comforting to me to know that she is there for me.

Spirit Guides are something I am still trying to figure out. They are still vague to me but I am working on better communication with them and understanding their roles in my life. I think that they need to be more transparent in their presence for me to fully understand them better.

Source/God/Creator/Universe is an entity I am trying to come to terms with right now. Two years ago my anger towards our Creator was fierce; however, this is not uncommon for grieving parents. I am coming to the point where my anger is abating and I am not really sure if I even am still angry. My issue may be that my concept of god has changed dramatically since John crossed over. I have learned that what I used to believe about Source was entirely false. I guess I am trying to wrap my head around this new compassionate and loving god who does not go around searching for those who he/she/it can condemn to hell. I have seen people channel Source and it is very beautiful. I, myself, have not yet attempted this. I guess I just do not feel ready.

As John mentioned earlier, connecting to Spirit does not necessarily mean mediumship/channeling. It means having an awareness of Spirit, being able to feel them and intuitively “hear” them. It is through this connection that we understand our lives and the people around us better. We understand the importance of our Earth and the care for her. We are able to see through the lies around us which have been told for so many centuries that we now just blindly receive them as truths. We discover our own Spiritual paths without others telling us what our paths should be. We learn to think for ourselves and come to know who we truly are. We must understand first that we must have an awareness of ourselves first before we can have an awareness of Spirit. This is a very difficult thing to do because we have so brainwashed into believing that we are something we are not. This is again best done through meditation. We need to be diligent in our efforts to have a happy and successful life so that we can improve upon our world.  I have found that life is much more understandable now that I am connecting with Spirit more. – Michelle