Red Rock, Colorado, USA. Photograph by Christian Schill

Connecting with Spirits is very important in order to be guided down the correct paths of your life. We need to understand that connecting with Spirit is a very good and healthy thing to do. It gives you wisdom and discernment throughout your life. We also must understand that connecting with Spirit does not necessarily mean mediumship.

When we connect with Spirit we are in tune with their vibrational frequency. We are able to “hear” them when this occurs. We “hear” them through emotions, feelings and intuition most of the time. In this manner we are able to make better decisions throughout our life for ourselves and those we love. We need to understand that we cannot make other people do what we have heard from Spirit but we can give them advice. We must learn to give advice and information and leave it at that. Let the other person do what they will with the information.

The same is true for ourselves. We receive information from Spirit but we must decide for ourselves what to do with the information. we must remember that Spirit does have the best good in mind when sending us messages.

The Spirits that are most important to connect with are your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, Source and family members. These Spirits are always looking out for our best good. These are the Spirits that guide you throughout your life. We must realize that Spirits such as Spirit Guides and Angels may change throughout your life depending on what stage you are at and what is occurring in you life at the time. Your Higher Self, Source and family members remain the same throughout your life.

In order to connect with these Spirits you must have an open mind. You must be able to accept what you may think is impossible because anything is possible. This is a very big Universe with much more in it than you can possibly imagine which means things you think are impossible actually are possible. There is so much around us that we cannot see or hear because it is beyond our vibrational frequencies. Because you cannot see something does not mean it does not exist. You cannot see air, but it is there. You cannot see radio and television waves, but they are there. You cannot see the waves from your microwave, but they are there.

We need to connect with our team of Spirits to have the best life possible. We came here for reasons that we do not remember, which is the purpose of your Team. To guide and help you to remember. – John