Last night, before falling asleep for the night, I came across this blog piece written by a very amazing and courageous woman. Although we are all one in Source, one of the reasons we incarnate is to experience individuality. In doing so, we must remember that we are all equal and every group has its fanatics and bad apples. They do not represent the group as a whole, in fact, they do not represent the group at all. We need to remember that we are one and equal. We must strive for unity, acceptance and peace.

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I never planned on giving a bio when I started this blog, never intended to share personal narratives, never intended to detail my education or merit. This magazine was to be a platform focused on the issues that matter in order to encourage activism on topics that matter. However, due to the recent events in Chapel Hill, the Indiana and Arkansas RFRA laws, the new even worse Indiana law which will allow for discrimination in hiring and employment based on religion, and ending with the arrest of two men here in the Heartland who are being called “home-grown terrorists,” I cannot silence myself any longer regarding these topics.

I am afraid. This threat feels very real. I am stunned and terrified.

John Thomas Booker Jr., 20, was once enlisted in the military and later rejected after posting several comments on Facebook about dying in a jihad–the Arabic word meaning…

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