Ralph Buchheit III

My cousin Michelle is very good with being open to the Spirit Realm. When her son, John, crossed over I immediately contacted her on Facebook. I was very concerned for her welfare because losing a child is very difficult.

Michelle and I had never really been close before John crossed over. I knew of her because she is my Great Uncle Wes’ granddaughter. I think we met in person only twice during our lives. We were friends on Facebook and when I received the news about John, I sent her message telling her that I am here for her and that I love her. We became very close after that. Michelle told me that the main reason she was on Facebook was to see my posts because they made her laugh.

Michelle has always said that the men in our family seemed to just drop dead out of nowhere at a young age. This happened to our Great Uncle Mel, Michelle’s grandfather, my father and then it happened to me. Michelle’s father crossed over young but it was not sudden because he had lung cancer for fourteen months before.

The November after John crossed over, I awoke very early one morning with a very strange feeling. I could not breathe and my chest felt very tight. I called a friend who told me to call an ambulance, which I did. By the time the ambulance had arrived it was too late.

I was 39 years old with a daughter and a granddaughter (Michelle refers to this as an Appalachian thing). I am very glad to be back in the Spirit Realm; however I worry about my daughter quite a bit. She has a very difficult life. I am always with her and watching out for her but I am afraid that she does not really hear me well. I really wish that she had inherited the family psychic abilities because she needs to hear what I am saying to her.

When I crossed over I was not sure what was happening at first. I thought that I was merely sleeping but I began to notice that I was seeing my body. I began to see everything that was happening around my body. The paramedics, the hospital, etc. My mother crying, my sister crying, my daughter was very upset and very bad with sharing her feelings with others. My granddaughter was too young to understand what was going on but she really was not in the picture too much anyway.

I began to realize that this was really happening when my mom and my sister would not stop crying. My mom was very angry because she thought that nobody did enough to save me. The doctors did all they could but my Higher Self decided that it was time. My mom was not happy about this but it was to be.

My sister can hear and see me also but she really does not take what I have to say seriously. Michelle is being silly, saying “come on, Ralph, really?” This is because I was always taking things lightly and joking around in my life. So the she thinks the reason my sister does not take me seriously is because she thinks I am joking. But this is really not the case. My sister really does not want to connect with the Spirit Realm and she will often tell me to go away. Michelle can understand feeling this but she continues to do what she came to here to do.

Being in Spirit is very different than my physical life. I am much more able to enjoy things while in Spirit. My cousin is very good with being open to my sense of humor. The thing is that her children are very funny also, especially her youngest child. The other thing about being in Spirit is that I really love being able to go wherever I want at any time. I love being able to visit family and friends. I spend most of my time with my daughter, granddaughter and mother. I think that my mom is doing better but I wish that she would connect with other grieving moms more. I think that my daughter needs to talk to someone about my crossing over. I think that many people need to be more aware of the Spirit Realm. When you are aware of the Spirits in your life, it helps the grief after losing them. It also helps with being guided in your life

My family has many people in it who have the ability to see and hear Spirits. Many of them are already in the Spirit Realm. My grandfather had this this ability and he recently crossed over. Michelle’s father had this ability and he crossed over  19 years ago. We also have a great-grandmother with this ability who has been in Spirit for a very long time. Our family has always been very closed about these abilities and they were never really talked about. My grandfather was probably the most open about it but no one else ever really spoke about it until now. Michelle did not know about her dad until after he crossed over. She told him her life would have been easier had she known.

We need to understand that many people are born with a natural ability for this. In my family there are may in the Physical Realm who have this ability. My cousin, Michelle, obviously. Then there is my other cousin, my sister and Michelle’s niece. When we have this ability we need to realize that we have it for a reason. We need to do what we came into to this life to do. My purpose was to bring enjoyment through music and laughter. I believe that I accomplished this. Whatever your talents and abilities are, make sure you use them tot the best of your ability. The other thing that we need to understand is that we all have a talent and /or ability. Nobody comes into this life empty handed. We all have something to offer the world. The problem is that so many are afraid to use their talents. We are not serving others when we do not use our talents and abilities. We also need to begin to better understand those with psychic abilities. Many are thought to be hallucinating and are diagnosed with many mental disorders. Michelle has written about this in her blog where she wrote about her life. We need to be able to tell the difference between things like schizophrenia and psychic abilities. I want to end by saying that we must be more open minded about these things. The world and the Universe are changing rapidly. These things are coming out in the open more and we need to begin to accept them and get used to them. I believe that this will cause the world to be a better place.  – Ralph

This is a video of one of Ralph’s performances. He is the lead singer. Ralph asked me to let everyone know that he was NOT dead when this was recorded. This is one of many jokes he has been telling me this afternoon. – Michelle