Art by Michelle Schill

We need to understand that Spirits are here to help us and guide us. This is why it is so important to be in tune with them. Again, you do not need to be a medium to have this awareness. Awareness of Spirit comes in many forms. We can feel their presence, hear them in our mind, they speak via our intuition, etc. We need to be very open in order to be able to do this.The constant rationalizing and explaining away will shut down your awareness of Spirit. This is when the Spirits will give up and stop trying to reach out to you.

We have to be able to remain open and calm to receive guidance from Spirit. Again, this is best done through meditation and mindfulness.

We also need to be aware of the pineal gland, also known as “The Third Eye”. It is through this gland that we have heightened awareness of what is around us, not only in the Physical Realm, but also beyond. The pineal gland has been ignored for many centuries and, therefore, has not been well cared for. We have misused it to the point that it really does not work well in most people.

The pineal gland is used for discerning and seeing clearly. It helps to see through lies, deception and keeps you connected to the Spirit Realm, including Source. The reason that so many do not feel connected to Spirit and/or do not believe that there is a Spirit Realm is due to lack of awareness, care and use of the pineal gland.

One of the biggest factors in the pineal gland’s deterioration is fluoride. This very well could be reason that many governments put it in the water systems. It truly does nothing for tooth decay but it does keep you gullible and submissive. I suggest that you do your best to eliminate fluoride from your diet. You can purchase fluoride free toothpaste (Tom’s Of Maine is one of the best) or you can make your own toothpaste, which is very simple and very cost effective (refer to If your water is from the city system it very well may contain fluoride, especially if you live in the United States. You can purchase fluoride free bottled water or there are filtration systems you can purchase which remove the fluoride.

Eating foods that are non-GMO and organic will also help you to have a healthy pineal gland. The chemicals and alterations that are done to our foods are unhealthy for the entire body and very much adversely effect the pineal gland.

There are two members of my family who eat healthy and do not consume fluoride, my mother and my uncle. They both are able to see through the curtain of lies that are fed to humanity on a daily basis. My mom has gone so far as to remove every and all chemicals from her home. She makes her own cleaners, cosmetics and toiletries.

We must realize that we need to have a healthy pineal gland to be able discern what is going on in our world and to connect to Spirit. Through both of these practices we can make healthier and wiser decisions – John