Spirit Art by Michelle Schill and John Patrick Stanton IV

There are any reasons why so many people are afraid of Spirit communication. It seems to have received a bad rap over the last 2,000 years. There was a time when it was widely accepted and not considered something to be feared. People thought of connecting to Spirit as as an everyday occurrence in order to seek guidance in their life.

When major religions began to have more influence in society, they sought ways to to have more control over the people. If people knew they had the ability to connect with Spirit without clergies’ assistance, they would have less need for the clergy. They would find the answers to life and its problems through Spirit communication and within themselves.

Spirits are very big on people thinking for themselves and enjoying life as much as possible. There is no hierarchy, labels or right and wrong. Things are just what they are. With this freedom, people cannot be controlled. Therefore, Spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga and Spirit communication were banned from Western civilization.

We must realize that there is nothing wrong with Spirit communication as long as you do it with the right attitude and proper precautions. There are many things in our life that we must do with precautions and they are not considered wrong. We need to realize that the Spirit Realm has our best interests at heart.

There is no such thing as sin in the Spirit Realm and there is nothing that Source considers a sin. It is not possible to be separate from Source,, even if you are an atheist. What you do or do not believe will not cause you to be separate from the Creator. That being said, hell and the devil do not exist.

Within the laws of the Physical World, we have very little freedom. Within the laws of the Spirit World, we have nothing but freedom. If God’s rules supersede humanity’s rules, then where do we get the idea that we can control everyone? The bible is an antiquated text which served a purpose at one time but is now outdated. Much of it is good for teaching morals but the angry and vengeful God of the bible does not and never has existed. The teachings and miracles of Jesus are true; however, the strict and unattainable codes of conduct are not true and have not been written by God. The Creator gave each of us a moral compass to follow (our Higher Selves) and it is up to us to follow it. We know right from wrong and do not need to bashed over the head with an antique book by those who believe they have all the answers.

Another reason there is so much fear of Spirit communication is due to Hollywood. Hollywood has made Spirits, Spirit communication and anything having to do with Spirituality something it is not. Spirits do not run around in white sheets saying “boo” nor do they go about trying to scare and kill people. They do not seek vengeance from those who harmed them in their previous life. Ghosts are not Spirits. A ghost is the energy of a person which is stuck in a certain place for a certain reason. You will see the ghost do the same thing over and over again without acknowledging the presence of people. This is because the ghost is not consciousness; whereas, Spirit is nothing but consciousness. Also, dead bodies do not, cannot, nor will they ever dig themselves out of their graves and chase after people.

Although there are Spirits who need significant amounts of healing time after crossing over due to hurt and anger in their physical life, Spirits will not hurt you. They are here to assist us. When you are grieving the “loss” of a loved one, that loved one, in particular, wants to help you heal from your grief. They want to tell you that they are fine and they are happy. They want to see you happy. They want to see you living your life because they love you and they are living their lives.

So there is nothing to fear from Spirits or communicating with them. Learn how to do it properly and all will be well. The only thing you have to fear is your own subconscious.

I realize that there are many who will not agree with me and that is very much OK. We are all on our own Spiritual paths and need to do what resonates with each of us on an individual basis. However, pushing your beliefs on others is rude and never acceptable. My good friend takes a yoga class at a Christian church. Her husband, who is a Christian, said that the Spiritualist woman who teaches the class does not think to herself “oh, these terrible Christians. I must protect myself from them” and she is always kind, polite and does not push her beliefs on them. He wonders why so many Christians feel they need to protect themselves from Spiritualists and those who practice Spirit communication. Our friendship has not been harmed since I left Christianity and became a Spiritualist. Since this is my blog, it is my decision what I say here and do not expect everyone to accept what I say. I am not trying to push what I know on others. Those who have an interest will read it and if it should resonate with them, they will take it with them. If it does not resonate with them, they will leave it and do so in a polite manner. – Michelle