Art by Michelle Schill

I have mentioned in the past that I began to mediate in order to better connect with my son, John, after he crossed over. Although it took quite awhile to get to the point where I could meditate for any significant amount of time, I began to see the results of meditation immediately, and it was not merely in advancing my psychic abilities. I quickly found that the benefits were far more than enhancing my psychic abilities.

I immediately began to notice that my grief and depression were becoming much less severe. I was becoming much more calm and my mind and thoughts were not as jumbled. My good friend noticed the difference and asked what I was doing different. It was then that I told her I had been meditating.

The psychological and physical benefits are many. As listed in an article in Forbes, meditation preserves the brain as you age, it helps to calm the “monkey mind”, it decreases depression by 0.3% (this is equal to antidepressants), causes changes in key areas of the brain, improves concentration and attention, reduces anxiety and helps with addiction.

The additional benefits of meditation help with your psychic abilities because increases your awareness, which then causes your senses to be able to hone in on that which is beyond the Physical Realm. This will help you to be able to connect with Spirits, Spirit Guides, Angels, your Higher Self and even Source.

Although meditation is not quite in the mainstream yet, it is increasing in popularity and much research is being done in the area of the benefits of meditation for both health and psychic abilities; however, there are benefits that have yet to be discovered. The problem is that science does not yet have the capable to prove these phenomena at this time. – Michelle