Ansem’s Cave, The West Woods, Novelty, Ohio, USA. Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

As I mentioned yesterday, it is imperative to do your self-work before connecting to Spirit. We must also keep in mind that even if we have no intention of connecting with Spirit, self-work is vital for our physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual health. Even those who have had a wonderful life with no trauma have self-work to do.

As a child I do not recall having any issues with connecting to Spirit. It happened naturally and effortlessly, with seemingly no problems. These Spirits were my constant companions and my playmates. I remember having nothing but fun with them. The two main Spirits in my life as a child was a girl of about nine years old named Melissa and my paternal Uncle Wes who crossed over as a baby. Melissa moved on once I met my life long best friend but my Uncle has remained with me all these years.

After a break from my psychic abilities of many many years, I found that connecting with Spirit was much more difficult as an adult. I had incurred much baggage, trauma, drama and turmoil over the years. My beliefs and fears kept getting between me and the Spirit World to the point that I would find myself having arguments with my own subconscious.

I would find that instead of enjoying a pleasant conversation with my children, other family members and friends and acquaintances, I would actually be talking to myself without realizing it. With much practice, I began to realize the difference. First of all, the energy of my subconscious is much heavier than Spirits’. Spirits’ energies are light and full of love. I feel as if there is a very heavy weight on me, particularly my arms. Another big clue, is the cruelty of the conversation. My subconscious is very mean, nasty and dark. These are all caused by my false beliefs and past traumas. Spirits may be brutally honest but they are not brutally cruel.

We must heal our subconscious because our mind enjoys playing games with us. This is actually a defense mechanism which does serve us at times; however, there are other times where it only harms us. Spirit communication is one of them. We need to be aware of the fact that our subconscious holds our deepest memories, even the ones that we do not remember in the forefront of our conscious. These things will come back to haunt to you during communication with the Spirit Realm. Be aware that it is not Spirit doing this to you, but your subconscious doing it. You must be sure that you are aware of this fact before going into this Spiritual practice. When done properly and under the proper conditions, Spirit communication is the best way to heal your grief.

I have found that the knowledge that my children are doing very well and are happy has done much to heal my grief. My son, John, suffered from extreme depression and anxiety before crossing over. He not only is back to himself now but is even better than he ever was during this physical life. The knowledge that Tina and Ricky, who were miscarriages, continue to exist and have been with me since crossing over, also helped me deal with their losses. Had I had this knowledge after they crossed over I would not have suffered from complicated grief. My dad and I have had many conversations which have cleared the air the between us. This has served to help me understand his situation and points of view during this physical life of his. It has also brought healing to our relationship. We need to know that our loved our ones continue to live and are doing well after they cross over for our own peace of mind. We need to understand that they love and care about us even if our relationship was strained. I believe that Spirit communication is essential for those whose last words with their loved one were not pleasant.

There was a time in my life, long before I decided to begin using my abilities again, that I was being harassed by lower entities. Again, I would like to remind you that lower entities are NOT demons. They are mischievous but cannot cause you harm. Demons are mythology created for mass control. These lower entities would come to me often, particularly at night as I was trying to fall asleep. I would find myself being carried down my hallway, unable to move or speak. I remember my biggest concern was for my sons because at that I was stuck in false beliefs and knew nothing of lower entities. My fear was because I believed these beings to be something they were not. I was more afraid of them hurting my children, who were fast asleep nearby, than I was of them hurting me.

Lower entities are attracted to those who suffer from depression and other forms of mental disorders who have not dealt with their baggage. I have not had trouble with these entities for many years. Since 2010 I have worked very hard to improve myself and get out of the mental health system. Due to my success, these entities rarely bother with me now. They usually attempt to play games with me when I have gone through a brief period where my vibrational frequency is low. Just as my frequency is raising, they will appear to try to lower it again. I am now onto their tricks and do not permit them in my life any longer. One very effective method to get rid of these beings is to imagine Source’s protection surrounding you. I envision this as a huge, beautifully glowing ball of white light all around me. I have found this works every time.

Again, since 2010 I have worked very hard on myself and although the first four years were somewhat successful, I do not feel that I had the appropriate tools to go as far as I could. The first four years things gradually improved for me; however, after John crossed over things sped up exponentially for me. The irony, right? It was because of my son that I was able to do this. I have mentioned that John was persistent in getting through to me and nudging me to go back to my true nature and communicate with the Spirit Realm. As I began to do this I discovered Spirituality and many teachers who were very helpful to me. I have read a few books but most of my help has come from YouTube videos that Spiritual teachers have.

I think that first and foremost, you must be honest with yourself. This is the part that has been the most difficult for me. I was raised in a family that believes you should keep your emotions hidden from the world. The only acceptable emotion was happiness. This has made being honest with myself very difficult. The problem has been that I am very good at lying to myself to the point that I believe what I am saying to myself. This is why I have suffered from low self-esteem all my life. I not only believe myself but what others tell me. I really should say that I only believe the negative things that people say about me. The good things I think are lies, which have motives.

It was when I discovered Teal Swan, a Spiritual teacher, that I began to realize what I was doing to myself. She has many effective techniques to help you overcome your false beliefs. The videos on her YouTube channel are endless and I cannot list them all here; however, you can find her information on our Resource Page. I have also recently completed reading her book Shadows Before Dawn. I think that this book is helpful to many. There are many techniques to help every different type of person. I still have not decided which one I am going to try but I am being drawn to the one exercise where every day, for 365 days, you ask yourself “what would someone who loves themselves do?” I a thinking about putting post-it notes with this question everywhere in my home so that I remember to ask myself this in every situation. Teal also has a program called The Completion Process, and a book of the same name describing the process. I have not yet read this book but am planning on doing so soon.

Another Spiritual teacher who I have found helpful is Ralph Smart. He has a YouTube channel called Infinite Waters and I believe his blog is of the same name. He is very warm and upbeat. He has practical tips for everyday situations. Watching his videos raises my mood every time. You can also find his information on our Resource Page.

I have recently discovered another Spiritual teacher who I simply adore, Matt Kahn. His videos will raise your frequency without fail. There is something about his voice and his eyes that emit the frequency of love at all times. His words are all channeled constantly and truly wise. I am in the middle of reading his book Whatever Arises, Love That. I am truly learning a lot from this book. Last night I read the chapter about the ego and the over stimulated nervous system. So far that has been my favorite chapter. You may also find Matt Kahn’s information on our Resource Page.

I tried very hard, for many years, to heal via the mainstream psychiatric system but to no avail. I felt as if I were merely going in circles and not really receiving practical tools for my life. After many years of doctors, therapists, social workers, cocktails of medications and too many hospital stays to count, I finally found that Spiritual practices taught by these reputable Spiritual teachers was the way I needed to heal and be free to be my true self. I am no longer on medication, nor see doctors and social workers. I have not been admitted to a hospital since 2010. The side effects of the medications made living very difficult for me and it was to the point that I was embarrassed to go out in public.

I believe that there are many people who cannot heal via the mainstream psychiatric system. I am one of them. On the other hand, there are those who need the psychiatric system to heal. I cannot tell you what method you must use to heel. Only you know that. It is your body and your Spirit, you know it better than anyone. The point here is to be sure that you find some way to do your self-work to not merely connect with Spirit, but to have the most fulfilling and authentic life you came here to have. You deserve that. – Michelle