Sooner and Snuggles

Animals have a very strong awareness of Spirits. They are aware of the Spirits all around them but if there is a Spirit that they have known during their physical lifetime, they can actually see and hear this Spirit much better than the others. All animals are more in tune with the Spirit Realm than humans. There are many reasons for this. First, animals are much better at remaining in the moment than humans. Being in the moment is one of the key factors to being able to connect with Spirit.  The fact that animals do not dwell in the past or the future makes them very open to every possibility. They are generally more open and accepting than humans, this is very important to connect to the Spirit World. Animals’ physical make up, particularly visual, allows them to see things which the human eye has difficulty seeing.

If you desire to have a stronger connection to the Spirits around you, you must learn to be more open. This is achieved by being more calm in both body and mind. It is also important that you are in the moment as often as you can. This is best achieved through meditation. Meditation trains your mind and body to be more calm, organized, focused and in the present moment. We need to understand that this is not just important for connecting to Spirit, but also for a happier and healthier life.

My mom’s dog, Snuggles was very confused when I first crossed over. He was constantly barking at me because he could not figure out how I got into the house without him seeing me pull up in the drive and walk in the back door. He is now used to the fact that I am in Spirit and will play with me and interact with me. We need to understand that when our animals appear to be playing alone by themselves they are actually playing with Spirits.

I am bringing this topic up now because my grandmother’s dog, Sooner, crossed over last week. Because Sooner was old and not in good in health, we did not play before she crossed over. She was very aware of my presence and realized I had crossed over, however.

When Sooner first crossed over she was a bit confused. She did not realize at first that she had crossed over. Since I am the only person that she knew in her physical life who had crossed over, I was the one to greet her when she transitioned. If your pet does not now someone who has crossed over when they transition, do not worry. Even animals have angels and Spirit Guides, and they will meet your pet at the time.

Sooner was very glad to have transitioned because she had not been feeling well for a very long time. She had always been a very happy and healthy dog well into old age but the last couple of years were very difficult for her. She is now very happy and active.

The thing we must remember is that animals have Souls and Spirits, also. Many animals have been human in past lives and many humans have been animals in past lives. I think that we must remember that in the Spirit Realm, there is no hierarchy and we are all equal and one. – John