John Patrick Stanton IV

I have always had a different perception of death than most people. Many times throughout my life I have been referred to as morbid. When I went to work for the cemetery where my father’s body is buried, my husband nearly flipped. When I worked for hospice people did not have a problem with this because I was working with those who had not yet crossed over. There were times after a patient crossed over that I would talk to them. Although my abilities were not very good at that time due to lack of use, I knew my patients could hear me. They have verified this for me very recently. Their families found nothing odd about this because the patient’s body was still in the room, so they assumed I was talking to the empty body. To me, this is strange. Why is talking to a body with nobody in it acceptable, yet talking to the actual Spirit of the person strange? I am still trying to figure that one out.

I admit that I do not have a fear of dying myself and actually am anxious to exit here. Another reason I have been called morbid. I do, however, have a fear of the death of my loved ones. Although I can communicate with them, the lack of their physical presence is excruciatingly painful. Especially when it comes to my children.

The connection I have with Spirit has helped with my grief. When I mention this to other grievers, I am greeted with two opposing views which are on total opposite ends of the spectrum. The first response is excitement and happiness for me with a request for me to give them some pointers. The other end of the spectrum is anger and being told that not everyone can connect to Spirit no matter what they do, it either happens or it does not. Of course, there are the fanatics who insist I am connecting with non-existent demons. If a mother does not know the presence of her child who she raised, then what is this world coming to? What kind of Creator would endow their creations with an ability and then forbid them to use it? A cruel one, I would think.

As I mentioned in my post the other day, I believe the first step to healing grief is to change your perception of death and know it for what it truly is. Or maybe I should say, know humans for what they truly are. The only part about death that is real is the shutting down of the physical body. Humans are humans second and Spirit first. Spirit is energy and we all know what Albert Einstein said about energy, he was very correct. Energy cannot be destroyed but merely transformed. Therefore, we are eternal beings who cannot die. I am not my body. My body is my vehicle that I use to maneuver around this Earth and manipulate material objects on this Earth. As with a car, my body will wear out and I will no longer want to keep it. I do not miss nor think about the cars I have had over the past 35 years because they were merely modes of transportation and they were not me. Yes, we need to love and care for our bodies to get the longest and best use out of them but I want you to understand that you will continue to live after your body wears out. This is also true for your loved ones who have already crossed over.

I believe that at the beginning of humanity, before the verbal and written word, people used their psychic abilities to communicate with each other, nature and the Spirit Realm. As society, industry and technology advanced, humans used these psychic abilities less and less until they were no longer at the forefront of their senses. Therefore, everyone has these abilities to one degree or another but they lay dormant. Yes, there are those who are “born with” abilities but these people merely have these abilities more in the forefront of their senses than others and have more of a “memory” of the Spirit Realm than others. I believe that anyone can hone their psychic abilities and connect with Spirit. We will not all do this in the same manner but we can, in some shape or form, continue our relationships with those in Spirit, our Spirit Guides, Angels, Higher Selves and even Source itself.

If you should fall into the category of being excited and wanting tips on how to connect, I must warn you that it does take work and it starts with meditation. Many times, when I mention this to someone they shut down and give up. Meditation, in itself, takes patience and practice. It takes a very long time to learn how to get your mind quiet enough for you to be able to hear Spirit. I have found that I get the best results when I am so much in the moment that I can almost feel it in my body. On Thursday, I will be writing a blog post about meditation: where to start, tips, meditation aids, etc.

I think the most difficult part is the self-work you must do first. If you have issues, traumas or baggage of any kind, it is imperative that you deal with this first. I have found that when there are issues to be dealt with you end up communicating with your subconscious and not Spirit. I do not know about yours, but my subconscious can be mean, nasty and ugly when it has issues it feels need addressing.

Then there are also the problems of the lower entities. Lower entities are NOT demons. They are entities that are very mischievous but cannot harm you. They can harass you and make your life miserable but they cannot harm you. These entities are attracted to those who suffer from severe depression, low self-esteem and various other mental disorders. So, please, do your work first. Tomorrow I will be writing about different ways you can do self-work.

I think that when we change our perception of death, Spirit communication and stop over analyzing signs and communications from Spirit, we can then deal with our grief much more easily and in a more healthy manner. When you can accomplish this, you then realize that you have not truly lost anyone. They still exist and, although matters have changed, you can still continue your relationship with them. – Michelle