Spirit Art by Michelle and Tina Schill

I have been planning on writing blog posts about meditation, its benefits and using it to heal grief and mental illness. I still plan on doing so; however, this afternoon I listened to this audio program by Bob Olson of Afterlife TV and really must share it with all of you. His guest is a psychic medium named Jennifer Farmer. She enjoys meditation and speaks of its benefits. She has come out with a guided meditation series specifically for healing grief which is called “Healing Grief Meditation Practice”. She has a downloadable version for $19.99 and a CD version for $24.99.

This interview is well worth listening to. Jennifer says much of what I have said in my previous blog posts about our loved ones wanting to continue their relationships with us. She talks about how it is possible for everyone to maintain relationships with their loved ones in Spirit in one form or another.

I am inserting the link to Bob Olson’s interview with Jennifer Farmer below in case you are interested in listening. I have not yet tried the meditations yet but am planning on doing so shortly. I will write a blog post or two in the future with my thoughts on Jennifer’s meditations. – Michelle