I just love this blog piece (if the exclamation point key on my laptop were working, I would use it here).

Open Thought Vortex

By Robert “The Hook” Hookey (TW)

Okay, so I recognize there are two glaring issues with this post right off the bat:

One, the holiday season has passed. (Though my neighbor still has his lights up. Then again, he never takes them down.)

Also, there are no circumstances under which I qualify as a grown-up.

Nevertheless, I am going to proceed.  I hope you’ll join me; if not, good day to you all.

Still here? Great. Then we’ll begin.


It’s been said that the hardest thing about this world is living in it, but personally I’ve never had a problem with that truth. Anything worth having comes with some kind of fight and life is the ultimate battle. It can be bloody, prolonged (if you’re lucky), heartbreaking at times, but ultimately life is the greatest gift anyone can hope to receive. This world we all share could use a little…

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