“The Pasture”, Novelty, Ohio, USA. Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

When we are not having a very good day we need to become more aware of our thoughts. We need to understand what is causing our mood. There are times when an obvious event causes our bad mood, but there are times when we are in a bad mood with no obvious reason. These are the times when we need to become aware of what we have been thinking.

In order to do this, we must go within. This is usually done through meditation. Meditation helps us to understand our thought process and helps us to calm and organize our thoughts. We need to understand that our thoughts are not really us. They are actually a separate entity which have been built into our brain by society. Thoughts are not necessarily true nor real. Just because you are thinking something does not mean the thought is correct.

There are many people who believe that their every thought is fact. When we believe this we begin to manipulate ourselves into depression. We begin to think that we are not as good as others, we are ugly, incompetent, unlovable, etc. These thoughts are false. The Universe does not create worthless junk. We need to understand that we are all valuable to the entire Universe and we all serve a purpose.

When our thoughts begin to limit us, then our thoughts are false then, too. When we believe we are not capable of doing something we have a strong desire to do, then our thoughts are false. There are some things we naturally cannot do but, chances are, if your desire is strong, it is something you are perfectly capable of doing. If your thoughts are limiting you by labeling things as “good” or “bad”, “right” or “wrong”, “holy” or “sinful”, then your thoughts are lying to you. We all have in-built moral compasses. As long as we listen to this compass (the Higher Self, Soul or Intuition) you will not be steered wronged. Every situation and event has a purpose in our lives and should not be labeled. There are many things we want to happen and many things we do not want to happen. We need to remember that both the dark and the light serve valid purposes.

Our thoughts are very tricky and can mislead us. When this happens we must realize that these thoughts are not true and we need to redirect them. They are like small children who need to redirection at times in order to not cause harm to themselves. We need to be aware of our thoughts and make a conscious decision to change what we are thinking about. When we are able to do this our perceptions about life, ourselves and the world will be much lighter and easier to bear. –  Michelle