Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

I have just finished watching a Eddy Murphy movie called Mr. Church. I have always loved Eddy Murphy but this is by far his best role, in my opinion. The strange thing is that I have never heard about this movie before.

In this movie Eddy Murphy (Mr. Church) is hired to cook for a woman, who is dying of cancer, and her small daughter. When the mother crosses over and, at the end of the movie when Mr. Church crosses over, the daughter says that people act strange around death. There are those who talk about everything except the deceased, there are those who talk about nothing but the deceased and then when she said “and then there are those who say nothing”, my immediate thought was, “they are the best”.

I feel that those who say nothing are the best is because they are merely present with the griever. They leave the door open for the griever to talk and say what they wish without judgment or for the griever to be silent and/or merely cry. They are present, merely waiting lovingly for the griever to state what it is they need without making the griever feel pressured to come up with a list of needs.

Yes, they are the best. – Michelle