Spirit art by Michelle and Tina Schill

Many times we have days that are very hectic. On these days we feel disorganized and anxious. We feel as if we cannot get our thoughts together nor figure out what to do first.

On days such as these we need to slow down and take deep breaths. Meditation is also a very wise thing to do. Deep breathing relaxes us and clears our head. Meditation also works by causing our thoughts to slow and organize. This helps us to focus better and be able to plan our day in a much more productive manner.

We also must realize that should we not accomplish everything that we intended to on days such as these, the world will not come to an end. We will survive and so will everyone else around us. We can reschedule these activities for another time.

Deep breathing is perfect for when there is not enough time to meditate. Circular breathing is very effective. This is done by taking a very slow deep breath through the nose. Hold that breath for about 5 second an then slowly exhale out your mouth. The important thing to remember is to do this breathing technique slowly. You do not want to hyperventilate because this will have the opposite effect that you want.

Meditation is a subject that is personal and unique to each individual. It takes research and trial and error to find what fits you the best. We will be talking about meditation techniques and benefits more in depth in future blog posts.

When we are to able to remain calm and focused we will be more productive and accomplish more. We will also be healthier because anxiety not only causes bad health emotionally and mentally, it also can cause poor physical health.

Remember slow down, breathe and relax. – John