I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I think that although time truly does not exist because it was manifested by humanity, the marking of a new beginning is very beneficial to our psyche. We can now think of a new beginning. We can have new hopes and a new outlook on our lives and our world.

When we feel as if the slate has been wiped clean we can then reorganize our plans and goals. We start afresh with new enthusiasm. We can be excited about what lies ahead. But we must always remember that we create our own realities. This does not mean that we can control everything. We cannot control what others do nor many circumstances around us. What we can control is how we react and perceive the situation. We must have a better outlook as individuals and a mass consensus to make the positive changes we want to see in our own lives and the world as a whole. This is how we create our own realities. – John

i would like to say that New Years has been a holiday that I never really celebrated. It really never meant much to me, maybe because I am not really a “party person” or social butterfly. I do agree with my son that it is a perfect opportunity to reassess the situations and circumstances in our lives. We can make new starts and begin again. We can have a new hope for a better future for ourselves, our families, humanity and our world. Happy New Year everyone. – Michelle