Freak snow storm which took out power for three days, October 24, 2013. Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill.

Last week I spoke about snow storms and power outages, which I had informed my mother about a few months ago. Although she did not tell many people about it, she did tell some people. I think that they were doubtful about her predictions even though she has been able to do this all her life.

Last week there was a storm out west which took out power in many places. This week there is a storm currently forming in the east. This also will close down roads, airports and cause power outages. Whether these events are predicted well in advance or not, it is wise to always be prepared and have emergency gear for such things as power outages. We have reached a point in the Earth’s history where Gaia is very upset with the way we have take care of the planet. She is beginning to send us more and more messages so there will be more storms and power outages.

We should make sure that we have water, staples, food, candles and battery operated lights. My mom has a purchased a cooking burner which runs on butane and can be used indoors. This way she does not need to worry about cooking. The problem is not being able to bake but she has bread rising inn the oven right now.

My mom likes my uncle’s attitude about these sort of things. He does not try to placate her nor does he disbelieve her. He tells my mom that he neither believes nor disbelieves what she is saying, he will wait and see what happens. My mom likes this attitude because it is very open minded, she says it is “healthy”.

I think we all must have a healthy open mind but also retain some skepticism and see what happens. Over the past few months when we have discussed this, my mom’s attitude was that everyone should be open but live their lives normally. We need to understand that this is the best approach to receiving information which has been predicted.

I have also given my mom news that is more personal in nature to our family. It coincides with this storm but it is very personal to our family and I will not discuss it here. I will say that my family is in for a difficult time right now. My mom received information from my grandfather about a year ago that the family was in for big changes in about a year. My mom did not want to accept this because I had just crossed over a year and half previous. The thing is that she kept this information in the back of her mind but went on living her life normally. This is the way we should handle information which we receive from the Spirit Realm. – John