We come into this world with Spiritual amnesia. There are good reasons for this but we need to also be aware that it is part of our mission to regain some of our “memory”.

We need to have some acknowledgment that there is a Spirit Realm. The thing is that we need to understand that it is there. We do not need to fully understand it but knowing it exists is the best way to begin this process. We need to understand that we are eternal beings. We need to realize the we do not cease to exist but merely transform. We need to know that we will never cease to exist in order to be able to understand ourselves better. There is no reason to feel that this life is your only chance to get it right. We can incarnate as much we would like until we are satisfied. There is no reason to feel rushed or feel you need to be perfect. We all make mistakes and do things society has deemed as “bad”. This is not your last chance. You will not be damned to hell nor will you be unloved. When we understand these things wee are more in tune with ourselves and the reasons why we do what we do. We begin to have more of an understanding of why things have happened in our lives. We begin to put the puzzle pieces together and everything becomes much more clear.

It is then that we begin to heal ourselves on a Spiritual and emotional level. To begin this process we must have knowledge that there is a Spiritual Realm. We need to acknowledge that we continue to exist and that we are Spiritual beings. The way we do this is through remaining in the moment and through meditation.

It is when we begin to make these practices a daily part of our lives that we begin to grow Spiritually and become aware of our true nature. We begin to expand and grow as a Soul and our life becomes more manageable and happier. We need to be able to have an easier attitude towards ourselves and others. We need to understand that we learn through trial and error and when we make “mistakes” they need to be acknowledged as “mistakes” and not serious offenses. These are learning opportunities, not reasons to condemn yourself or others. We need to be more understanding with ourselves and others.

This is also achieved by studying and listening to Spiritual teachers. Also, hearing about the Spiritual experiences of others is very good at helping you reconnect with your Higher Self and the Spirit Realm. The best way to do these things is to find groups in the area where you live and go and meet others who are like minded. We need to connect in person as well as through the internet.

It is when we begin to do these things that we begin to realize our true essence. We will then begin to grow and expand and our lives will have meaning and purpose. We need to be able to understand these concepts in or to do this. We need to be ore aware of the Spiritual side of our existence. This process is not an easy one but it is well worth the attempt. – John