Novelty, Ohio, USA. Photo by Michelle and Ricky Schill

In a October I warned my mother of a major storm which would begin out west in the United State around the 29th of December. This storm would be large and travel east, as the weather usually does. It was to reach her area around the 31st of December. It will shut down airports and cause the power to go out for several days.

My mother was not really sure about this information because the the weather was unseasonably warm at that time. She then heard another medium, Jamie Butler, receive the same information. This gave her a bit more confidence, but she was still not sure.

When December arrived the weather in Northeast Ohio became very cold and snowy. This boosted my moms confidence even more but, still, she had doubts.

This morning, when my mom looked at the weather forecast, she noticed there is a snow storm forecasted for the west on December 25th. I told her this is the one and it may be arriving earlier than expected.

My mom is still having doubts. She will not have confidence in her abilities unless this storm happens. She is still having a “wait and see” attitude, even though the forecast is showing a major storm. I would be prepared for power outages if you live in the United States. – John