Lake Erie, Hospice of the Western Reserve, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

The most important way to heal and be happy is to do your best to remain in the moment. The reason for this is because you have no sadness over what has occurred in the past and no worry about what is to come in the future. Being in the moment is the easiest and best place to be.

Yet, why do we have so much trouble being in the moment? Why do we continually slip back to another moment in time. One which we can do nothing about. The only moment we can do anything about is this moment now. So why not remain here?

The best way to learn to remain in the moment is through meditation. Meditation is the best way to heal your past, organize your thoughts and obtain a peaceful state. When you learn to remain in the moment, your life improves no matter what is happening in that moment.

I believe that we must be aware of our thoughts to have a good awareness of ourselves. We need to be able to know what we are thinking at all times in order to be here and know ourselves fully. Again, the best way to do this is through meditation.

We need to remain connected to Our Higher Selves (Souls) and to the Prime Source. We become more connected through meditation. We need to understand that  in order to have the best life possible we need to remain connected. How we do it is individual to each person, but the best way to discover what works for you is through meditation.

Meditation, in itself, is unique to each person. It takes much research on meditation and trial and error before we find what works for us as an individual. You can do a search on the internet to find different methods for meditations. There are also many YouTube videos which teach meditation, have meditation music and binaural eats.  Even after this process, we must practice daily before we get to the point where we are reaching maximum benefit from meditation. We need to remember this and be easy on ourselves and have patience with ourselves as we learn the art of meditation. – John