In a previous blog post John explained how Erik Medhus led me to his and his mother’s book after John crossed over. They both helped both me and John a great deal, although Elisa is not aware of this. She helps so many that I do not know how it would be possible for her to be aware of us all. (Please refer to our Resource Page for more information on Elisa and Erik Medhus.)

Erik remained in my life for quite some time after John crossed over. Now I only hear from him on occasion. Usually it is when John’s pep talks are not working. He popped in last month to give me a pep talk. I complained to him that hardly anyone in the Spiritual community books venues in Ohio. He told me that his “Tour Of Enlightenment” was already set and booked for 2017 but he would see what he could do to accommodate me.

Today, as I was watching a “Channeling Erik” YouTube video, Elisa announced that the schedule for the tour has changed. They added a couple more cities, one of them being Columbus. Thank you Erik and Elisa.

All I need to do now is manifest good health, transportation and money. No worries, as I have been very good with manifesting recently. – Michelle