Spirit Art by Michelle and Tina Schill

When we become very involved in life on the physical realm, we begin to ignore ourselves. We forget who we truly are. We ignore our bodies and do not listen to what our body is trying to tell us. We get stuck in the rat race and caught on a gerbil wheel.

This is not good for our emotional, mental, physical or Spiritual health. We need to slow down and listen to what our entire system is trying to tell us. When we take time throughout our day to sit quietly, look within, and assess our physical well being, we can then evaluate what it is that we need.

We have a tendency to forget these things because our society is very much on the go at all times. We look up to and honor those who can multitask. We brag about how busy we are all the time, as if we should receive a medal of honor for this. Neglecting ourselves to show off to the world is not honorable.

When we are aware of ourselves, we can take better care of ourselves and be healthy on a holistic level. When we are healthy on a holistic level we are better equipped to do the tasks that need to be done and care for those we love.

Like putting on your oxygen mask before placing it on your child, this is how life should be. Your children, spouse, significant other, family and friends deserve the best you that you have to offer. You need to care for yourself first before they can receive the best you. You need to care for yourself first before YOU can receive the best you. – John