I came across this beautiful blog post and just had to reblog it. It reminds me of my journey. Please do follow the blog of this beautiful and talented Spirit, Cristen Rodgers. cristenrodgers.net

Journeys in Spirit

There will always be farther to go; but I’m proud of just how far I’ve already come.  I’ve stripped away layer after excruciating layer of who I thought I was, what I thought I knew, and what I wanted to believe.  I’ve cleared away the rubble and put out the flames, and discovered my soul buried beneath.  I have faced fears and conquered demons.  I’ve unveiled truths and illuminated shadows; and through it all I’ve learned that love will always prevail.

Broken and bleeding in a pit of fear, I was lifted up on the wings of love.  I learned to love myself and my journey; and now I am in love with love itself.   I love this earth and her creatures, the wind in her skies, the water in her veins, and the fire in her heart.  I’ve fallen in love with the stars and the moon, the light…

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