Art by Michelle Schill

We are entering a new paradigm, or a new era. Things are changing and the old ways are leaving us. There are some who do not want to see things change and they are desperately hanging on.

We need to be able to accept change in order to survive emotionally and mentally. We are in a constant state of change. If you do not change, you are not growing, you may as well not exist. Change is not a bad thing, yet many see it this way.

The new paradigm will be a much freer way of being. Gone will be the rules and regulations on the way we live, act and who we should be. There will be emphasis on the authentic self. Individuality, love and acceptance will be the norm. Many are digging in their heels now as these changes are coming into place. This is why things seem so bad right now. It is the old paradigm struggling for its last breath.

We need to continue to fight for the changes taking place. Changes that will bring a new world in which all living beings in all of the Earth are seen as one and equal. Mother Nature will again be honored and respected. There will be a love of humanity and all living beings. Gone will be governmental control, the power will be returned to the people. Gone will be school systems trying form young people into a predetermined box where they all end up being the same.

We need to be able to conform and accept this new paradigm. In order t do this we must be able to heal our past and ourselves. We must be able to heal our society and our world. We can begin this process by going within. It is when we begin to go within that we see the hurt and scars of our past as an individual and a society. Through this we may begin to see how we have been hurt and how we can heal. This process is done through sitting quietly in meditation. There are many ways to meditate. It is a unique and individual process that you must discover for yourself. Do research and try different methods until you find what works for you.

These changes are good and beautiful. It is the way humanity and the Earth are supposed to be. We are equal and we are one in humanity, in all living beings and in nature. – John