My grandfather, my sister Tina and my brother Ricky. Spirit Art by Michelle, Tina and Ricky Schill

Many people do not think that a Spiritual life is necessary. They believe that all that matters is the material world They feel as if they need to merely drudge through each day, following the script that society has handed to them. People have been brainwashed and lulled into a hypnotic sleep. They walk around in a trance as if they are robots. People merely want to fit in and be accepted. They do this at the expense of sacrificing their true selves.

Too many people believe that this physical realm is all there is. This is all that matters and after this life there is nothing or, worse, you are judged by a vengeful god and run the risk of hell should you step out of what the powers that be deem acceptable.

In my physical life I ended up being an Atheist. To me, there was only this physical realm and nothing else after it. We merely ceased to exist. I ended up being very surprised.

When I first crossed over I thought that I was merely having a bad dream. I assumed that my attempt at suicide was not successful. I thought that watching my mother suffer this pain was only a nightmare and I would wake up soon in some hospital. I was so positive this was a nightmare that I was unaware of the fact that my grandfather, my sister and my brother were with me the whole time.

This went on for two days until I witnessed my mother at the funeral home with my youngest brother and my aunt. My mom’s pain became so intense that it shocked me out of my dream state and I realized that this was all really happening. My mom was in in such shock until she went to the funeral that I could not feel her pain. Being at the funeral home momentarily took her out of shock and her pain was palpable. I watched as my brother had to do all the talking for her. The pain was so intense that my mom could not function, and, at the young age of 16, my brother took control.

My mom was in and out of shock and pain for at least 1 1/2 years. The pain still continues and always will but it is different now and less intense. My mom was very good with her feelings during that difficult time. She was very aware of what she was feeling and why. I believe that her grief training at Hospice Of The Western Reserve, where she enjoyed being an unpaid employee, helped her with this. She always reached out to others when she needed to. The people she reached out to the most were my stepfather, Bryce, and my Aunt Lisa. They always made themselves available to her when she needed help dealing with her emotional pain. My Uncle Ken and Aunt Nicki were always there for her also and went above and beyond, particularly during the month immediately following my suicide. My mom loves my stepfather and my aunts and uncle very much. They are very important to her. After I crossed over my became even closer to my grandfather’s side of the family. They all immediately reached out her. My mom has become very close with her cousin, Janelle. They are always texting and calling each other with new materials to learn and grow in their Spiritual lives. Cousin Janelle also has natural Spiritual gifts (this runs in my grandfather’s side of the family). She is a very gifted energy healer, empath, intuit and life coach. We have her website listed on our Resource Page.

It was then that I became aware of the presence of my grandfather and siblings who crossed years before. It was then that I realized my suicide attempt was successful. I began to realize how much pain I had caused my mother, my father, my brother, and the rest of my family.

It took me some time to heal from the pain of this past life. I received help from my family members who crossed over before me, my angels, my Spirit guides, and the Medhus family, who also greatly helped my mother also. My friend, Erik Medhus took his own life a few years before me. His mother went through the same pain that I was witnessing my mom go through. It did not take Erik long to approach me and offer help to both my mother and me. He led my mom to his book. From there she began to follow the Channeling Erik blog and receive much needed help and support. Erik began to teach me how to give my mom signs of my continued existence. This turned out to be much easier than expected because my mom has a natural gift for being aware of Spirits. Please refer to our Resource Page for information on the work that Elisa and Erik Medhus do. You may find their blog at

We need to understand that there is so much more than the eye can see. We are much bigger and more powerful than our physical bodies. We need to understand that the Universe and all it contains is so vast that we cannot conceive of it while in an Earthly incarnation. We need to remember who we truly are and take back our power. – John