Sunset in Novelty, Ohio, USA. Photography by Michelle and Ricky Schill

We want to be clear about the purpose of this blog site. We are not trying to convince anyone or prove something. We are simply sharing our experiences both in the Physical Realm and the Spiritual Realm.

After crossing over, I researched the Akashic Records and found that my mom and I had agreed to do Spiritual work after I exited this life. We decided to teach others about the Spiritual side of our existence through blogs, social media and writing a book. Upon completion of the book, my mom will then cross over. There is no intent for popularity or earning riches. My mom is quite the opposite of these two issues. She does not like to be the center of attention and enjoys her privacy. She is also is the furthest thing from materialistic. She merely wants to complete her mission and then return home. In this manner we both have attempted to help humanity expand, evolve and learn.

We are all entitled to our own beliefs, opinions and perspectives. Take from here what resonates with you. Anything else, please leave it here. These are our own personal experiences. We will share from our hearts and nothing else. There is nothing to be proved or argued about here. You may feel free to discuss the issues on this blog but we ask that you do so politely without harm to anyone else.

I will be sharing my experience and knowledge from the perspective of the Spirit Realm. This usually cannot be proven scientifically but can only be done through “memory” and/or experience.

My mom will be sharing her experiences throughout her life. She will talk about the abilities that she was born with and how and why she handled them as she did. She will also talk about her struggle with mental illness and the grief over the loss of three of her four children. She also wants to discuss how she has healed and deals with these issues on a day to day basis. Much of what she will share are her own personal experiences and also cannot be proven scientifically. These things are what has worked for her and she wants to share them in the hopes that it will help at least one person who may read this blog. The truth is that she does not care for science and math. She is very artistic and very right brained; therefore, that is what you may expect from my mother. My mom is also very good at loving her family and others. She is very much unconditional love. This is why I am stressing that we all be polite and cause no harm. These are issues that hurt my mother deeply. She will not research or try to prove her experiences to you. She will merely share from her heart and Soul.

We wish that many more people could discover how to overcome the adversities that my mom has through healthy thinking, attitudes and living. She does not wish to force her ideas on anyone. Nor does she wish to be someone she is not. She speaks from her Soul and that is all that she can do. She has worked very hard to get where she is now and I and my siblings are very proud of her. My stepfather is also very impressed with her progress.

We wish you all love, light and joy. – John and Michelle