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Connecting with Spirit, Death, Dying, The Afterlife and  Living With Chronic Illness



  1. Michelle, In relation to your comment on the blog on anger by Anna Sayce please see the following article on Wikipedia
    also see if you can find the movie “Gaslight” with Ingrid Berman made in 1944, it’s got some great examples of what the Wikipedia article discusses.
    I have read some of your and John’s blogs on your website and find them very interesting. Thank you for sharing who you are and your experiences so that others might learn and grow spiritually. I know the information you, and John, share helps others find their way. I’m sure it helps you as well, as it should. I see you have Elisa and Erik listed in your resource page. I have followed them for some time now. I read Erik’s book “My Life After Death” and found it an easy read with a lot of good information about what happens after we leave the physical (one more time). I also like to listen to their radio show on Thursday evenings and have even got a couple of questions answered. Nothing happens by accident and I am sure I was lead to your website/blog for some reason and I look forward to reading all of the articles from you and John.
    I would also like to mention someone else you would probably find interesting, if you do not already know about him. His name is Paul Selig out of New York City. He is a conscious channel for a group of non-physical beings he refers to as “The Guides”. The information he and the Guides provide is some of the most profound wisdom I have ever found anywhere. He has four published books that are each just strictly channeled material, very, very, minimal editing. Check him out if you don’t know of him already. I am going to post some of their information on anger in the comment section on Anna’s blog shortly so check it out if you care to. And no, I am not affiliated with Paul in any way, shape, or form. I just like to share the profound wisdom he and The Guides have made available for us all. I also read the article about the Hidden Hills community in the Yucatan. Sounds like a great place to retire. I am getting more information, so thanks for providing that link.

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    1. Thank you so much for that information, Mark. I am so glad that you have found what John and I have to share. John and Erik have become good friends since John crossed over. I read the Medhus’ first book shortly after John crossed and it was a life saver for me. Erik taught John how to communicate with me and he and John convinced me to turn my psychic abilities back on. Yes, I know of John Selig and his channeled writings are so profound that you can actually feel it physically. I just love Paul.

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      1. Well then, I’m sure you and John know of Alison Ailfinn Allan, located in Australia. She and her brother Andy, who has left the physical, are friends with Erik. She has the “Erik Down Unda” blog, has hosted some Erik workshops, etc. and the Shiny Show. Anyway, no need to reply. As I said, I look forward to reading your works, as time allows. Oh, I posted some stuff from the “I Am The Word ” book in the comments section at Anna’s Anger blog. Not sure if she will allow it, I guess time will tell. Nice to have met you.

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  2. OMG! I MUST reply to this. We know Alison very well. Whenever I mention my mentor in a blog post, I am speaking of Alison. She is the person who encouraged and assisted me the most in turning my abilities back on. She knows my three children in Spirit and John loves when she calls him “cheeky boy”. We love Alison!

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